Odiliya is renovating the Paediatric ward of Apeksha Cancer Hospital


The Odiliya Group, led by the Managing Director, Rohitha Abeygunarathne has always put helping the society as one of their prime goals. In line with this vision, the Odiliya Group made a dream come true today, by starting a project to do a complete renovation of the Pediatric ward of the Apeksha Cancer Hospital in Maharagama.  All types of cancers are on the rise in Sri Lanka with around 17,000 new cancer patients detected annually by the local health system. The most common cancer among Sri Lankans is oral cancer, while with women it is breast cancer, with around 2,500 new breast cancer patients detected annually. Daily around seven new breast cancer patients are being detected in Sri Lanka with most of them in the stages three or four, which cannot be reversed.

The Odiliya Group has decided to join the fight against cancer, and our project with the Apeksha Cancer Hospital will encompass the following:

  • A brand new paint job for the entire Paediatric ward
  • A brand new paint job for the ICU Unit of the Paediatric ward
  • General plumbing fixes for the entire ward
  • Handing over of gifts to the children of the entire ward on the day of the completion of the project
  • A blood donation campaign to be held at the office premises of the Odiliya group

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